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My work is about the environment and mankind's impact on the planet.

I studied Fine Art at university, graduating in 2000 from UCE, which led to a twenty year career working as a designer and art director. While I have had wonderful creative opportunities, they are mostly still within the constraints of a commercial brief. I always craved the unlimited creative opportunities working as an artist can offer. In 2018 I returned to my art practice with the particular focus of wanting to make work in response to the climate crisis we’re currently entering into.


My work explores the links between human and natural landscapes during our current era: the Anthropocene. Drawings and paintings regularly use abstracted cities and maps, to show the omnipresence of humans. Through colour and pattern the viewer is drawn into beautiful and mesmerising surfaces which blend the perception of natural and manmade environments. They are reminders of the symbiotic relationship between modern societies and nature.

The work is motivated by concerns of the climate crisis we’re entering into and focus on a need to regain the balance between modern life and nature.

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