I have a friend who has two identical prints of a black and white photograph of foam in coffee.  They hang next to each other in his living area and he likes to encourage people to expound on them before revealing that they’re the same cheap print and that one of them is upside down.  I have another friend who owned a gallery and he once told me that mostly he sold paintings to drunk people looking for something to match their wallpaper or sofa.

For me that is the magic of art, it can be an idea, it can be aesthetic, it really holds no boundaries.

Why does a Picasso draw and hold your attention in a room full of similar paintings for no discernible reason?  How did Francis Bacon conjure images that send a shiver down your spine when you see them in the flesh?  Why do Turner's seascapes hold so much emotion?  Why does Mesoamerican sculpture evoke the infinite and unreal? 

These are the sort of things I try to find when I create art,  I find inspiration everywhere I look and I try to give myself the freedom to do absolutely whatever I like.

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