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Jonathan Le Roux is a highly creative and artistically skilled individual, who has been building his repertoire from childhood, never giving up on his passions throughout this time, and into his adult life. At school, he supplemented his art lessons with additional classes after hours, and his work was rewarded by his passing with Honours. He took this success forward, going on to study Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, where he was mentored by the late Kevin Atkinson. He achieved firsts for the art and photography he submitted, but external pressures forced him to leave his degree after completing his first year.


Inspired by his mentor he continued to produce creative works, as well as building a career in the film industry, whilst traveling to and from the UK. In this time he worked as a Product Specialist in Advertising and was an Art Director from a young age. He later achieved his BAMP with a major in Cinematography, winning various awards and shooting two independent feature films and multiple TV commercials.


Throughout his life, Jonathan has struggled with Bipolar Disorder, but despite this has achieved a great deal, a creative force that has not stopped producing work, and is now a full-time artist. He works in mixed media, and his art pieces are abstract and figurative. He employs a variety of different techniques to produce his works, using oils, acrylics, oil pastels and spray paint as his mediums. His art is narrative in nature, and while he has mastered figurative works he often chooses to use the self-expression of abstraction to carry his narrative.


Jonathan has been living in Brighton for the past 13 years, and as his art spreads across exhibitions and gains traction, he plans to sell his work far and wide.

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