Tragicomedia 6. 140 x 102 x 2 cm, Acryli



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I am a mixed-media visual artist, originally from Seville and based in London. My practice is about perception, form and colour: visual and conceptual. I explore through my paintings how mindfulness as a natural quality touches our sense in our collective and popular territory.

As an artist I am mainly interested in creating works that call for the participation of the viewers. I consider my cultural identity from Southern Spain, as a significant inspiration for my work as well as my observations and experiences from being a Londoner. My work has also been influenced by such as Willem de kooning and Joan Mitchell.

I started studying Fine Art in Seville in the late 80’s the School of applied arts and visual arts. For his variety of cultures and artistic movements, and history, Seville is a rich source in gothic and Arab architecture and baroque paintings and sculptures which were a rich source of inspiration for me.

I moved to London in 2000 with the new millennium, I studied Sculpture at the Camberwell College of Arts, obtaining a BA in 2012. Since then, my work has been shown in many Group exhibitions around London including: The Espacio Gallery (Flesh, 2015), The Menier Gallery (Beyond Margins, 2015), The OXO Tower (Tribe 17 at the Bargehouse, 2017) and The Tower Bridge Engine Rooms (The Art Bridge #8, 2018).

I have had three successful Solo Exhibitions in London. My latest solo exhibition was travelling through art spaces and art galleries in Valencia (Spain) for 6 months until March 2019.



2009 – 2012: Award: BA (HONS) Sculpture. University of the Arts: Camberwell College of arts. London, UK

2008 - 2019: Award: BTEC foundation Art and Design diploma. Lewisham College. London, UK 

2007 - 2008: Award: BTEC Art, Design and media. Westminster Kingsway College. London, UK



Abril 2009: Award for persistence. Lewisham College. London, UK

Noviembre 2009: Award: Sine Visual Art. Lewisham College. London, UK





22 – 28 July, “Artist takeover” Studio 73 Gallery, London, UK

13 February - 29 March, 2 Selfportraits” La Botheca, Valencia, Spain



27 December - 11 February 2019, "Self-portraits” Jardin Urbano, Valencia, Spain

07 November - 21 December,  "Self-portraits” Espacio Le Riz, Valencia, Spain

O5 - 30 October, "Self-portraits” Espacio Ronda Valencia, Valencia, Spain



12 January - 5 February. "Self-portraits” Just Off the Wall" Trip Space,

London, UK



30 April – 30 May. “Colores dame colores” Salome Gallery. London, UK



22 – 30 May, “Commixture” The Coffee Lovers fl Cafe, London, UK






Given the concerning ongoing developments of COVID-19, the group exhibition ECOFeminism Festival for March 2020 has been rescheduled to the 5 - 15 Nov 2020



05 – 15 July, “Pride Exhibition” PBHA, The Hub, London, UK

28 - 30 June, “MxMen, Positive masculinity festival” The Ugly Duck, London, UK



29 June - 10 July, “Contemporary Art Fair” Old Street Gallery” London, UK

6 – 8 June, London Pop Art Fair, Sunny Art Centre, London, UK

8 -11 March, “Sheroes” The Ugly Duck, London, UK



12 -15 October, “Tribe17”, Xoxo, OXO Tower Warf, London, UK

19 May -20 December. “Art at the Bridge #8 Construction - Destruction – Reconstruction” Tower Bridge Engine Rooms, London, UK

23 May - 23 July, “FT2” Actiu Showroom, London, UK



12 December - 30 January 2017, “Winter Solstice” Salome Gallery. London, UK

7 - 12 November, “GFest Beyond Margins” Menier Gallery, London, UK

1 October - 2 October, “Tribe16” Ugly Duck, London, UK

20 May, “If the walls could speak”, event. Buster Mantis, London,UK



07 December - 29 January 2016, “Winter Exhibition” Salome Art Gallery, London, UK

20 - 25 October “Flesh” Espacio Gallery, London, UK

11 – 28 June “Via exhibition” Oxford House Gallery, London, UK

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