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Jian Tan is a 21-year-old Malaysian visual artist based in Australia. His work has been solely focussed on societal topics and the importance of self-expression. 

Jian is a multi-dimensional artist that expresses himself in many forms of artistic impressions. 

Jian draws inspiration from his friend Ken Done, who is one of  Australia’s most influential artists. He often seeks artistic advice from him. Jian’s work also shows influences from  Picasso, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Wassily Kandinsky.


An influencer of  Converse_X_  

Solo Exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery | MELB 

Australian Bush Fire Art Auction Campaign. 

Jian exhibited at the Fire Relief “Group Exhibition” which occurred in  March 2020 to raise funds for the Bushfire fire relief campaign | Melbourne @TheSpace, Organised by Oceana Piccone 

Jian also independently sold and donated 100% of profits to  Wires Wildlife Rescue to help aid our Australian animals during the Bushfires.

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