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Julia Tokar was born in Russia in 1974.  From 1978 to 2014 she lived in Ukraine.  Five years ago Julia with her family ( husband and three children) moved to Vienna ( Austria). While still a tourist, she enjoyed visiting museums and the city’s architecture, walked along the picturesque streets. It was some kind of magic! It influenced her as an artist.

Julia’s mother was an artist in style nude. Mother contributed to the training of Julia as an artist, but painting entered her life in Vienna in 2005 only. Already living here, she gets inspiration every day. She is all-time learning, looking for new styles in painting. For several years she has been actively exhibiting. Her artworks are in private collections in Austria, Ukraine, Germany, and UK.

“Painting for me is not only self-expression but complete immersion in another world, a world of colors and mysteries. Painting is a world in which I can be silent loudly or scream silently, I can work miracles here. My pathway to perfection is endless, the search for truth is so deep…Welcome to my world!”

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