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I am an established international artist specializing in contemporary abstract art who resides with my family in Newmarket, Ontario.

My work has recently been affiliated with The Hamptons, New York and in Dallas, Texas from last September to October 2019.

Some of my artwork is being currently exhibited at The Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain from November 2019 onwards.  

I have always been passionate about painting. It was an untamed passion that was not destined to be nurtured within the confines of a structured art class where I feared I would lose creativity.

My work is not traditional. I have always been able to see things a little differently and paint with originality and risk. I see things in-depth and I reach out and touch the layers beneath with vibrant colors to give them movement and life. I paint from the heart and whether I'm using canvas, slate or tile, my brush always finds its inspired path to freedom.

My art is an abstract vision of reality. My thoughts are layered in colors and I have a need to share these painted thoughts with you.

"Creativity takes courage" -Henri Matisse

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