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"Distance and intimacy, hesitation and risk, contacting and border violations… inside and outside in any shape.“ J.C. Riemer, 2020

Based in northern Germany, the artist creates acrylic mixed-media paintings on canvas and also ink/charcoal drawings on paper, following her passionate interest in human expressions and organic, multilayered shapes and structures.

Born 1975 in Germany, Interior Designer by profession and mother of two kids, in 2016 she finally decided to turn her complete attention to professional artistic work – which anyway, as her strong inner drive, always influenced her professional life.


Alongside Judith C. Riemer´s international exhibition activities and gallery collaborations, recently in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Spain, she is maintaining and building her artistic networks: In 2014 she co-founded the art association in her hometown, honorary involved in art and culture for her rural home area. Also, she supports female artists as a member of GEDOK e.V. Niedersachsen / Hannover, Germany, which is the oldest European society of female artists and art supporters.


Judith C. Riemer is published in the artbook "ART EDITION 2020“, contemporary art, Innsbruck, Austria. Some of her works are in a private collection, Hildesheim, Germany.

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