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I was born in Paris in 1987. I studied law and worked as a lawyer for many years. In 2018, tired of legal work, I moved to Stockholm seduced by the beauty of the country and its relaxed lifestyle. If I have always been attracted to manual activities, it is quite late and a little by chance that I discovered painting in September 2018. I started painting "to see," and I found a hidden passion! The feeling of "creating" something, of putting the paint on the canvas, without overthinking, letting the colors and the material speak is extraordinary.


I first started painting with acrylic, and very quickly, I was drawn to oil painting. At each new canvas, I try to use new tools and colors. I work mainly with silicone brushes (generally used for modeling), rollers, and rather dark shades. In December 2019, a year after starting painting, I was lucky enough to have my first exhibition for two weeks in the restaurant and jazz club Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm. The enthusiastic feedback from customers and the sale of several paintings encouraged me to continue on this path!

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