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Julia is an experienced Swiss painter who has exhibited her work internationally. She is inspired by nature in all its facets - land, sea and sky, memory and emotions, past and present. From these inspirations, she creates fascinating and sometimes abstract paintings, which jump off the canvas with emotional power and visual vividness.


Julia received her Masters in Administration Academy in 1998 with an upgrade at the University HSG of St-Gallen in 2012. 


Her interest in photography began in 1990 with her father Zenith. In 2004 she became a professional travel photographer with Canon 350. Now she works with Canon MarkII.  Since 2006 Julia is active in almost all areas of photography. Especially in creative photo projects for travel and events. She has published her photos in many Swiss and Russian magazines and media. 


... "I see the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distillation of reality into a personal vision. As such, I often use the tools of modern photography - different filters, digital amplification. I try to capture in a picture the emotions I feel the moment I click on the shutter release of the camera..."


"My images are not just any realistic replication, it is my representation that requires something from the viewer: interpretation, feeling, contemplation...


Art is sometimes like a portal to another dimension..."

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