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I am a fine artist working from my home studio in Colchester, Essex. From an early age, I found a passion for art which was guided by my artist uncle. In 2000 I was invited to do stage make up for a theatre company which lead to working professionally as a face painter and progressed to body painting when designs demanded more skin space Whilst working on a drama series for the BBC some years ago, my doodles on the back of scripts turned into portrait commissions and abstract painting led to commissions by collectors.


My move into abstraction was born by the desire to create original work for my home. A recent project involves paint pouring using fluid acrylics with other mediums. Experimentation with materials leads to some exciting results, especially when combined with patience, practice, and a quirky imagination! I am inspired by media images and visual inquiry which I record in my sketchbooks. Further inspiration is drawn from the natural environment and my compositions and palette both reference the beach and oceans. Playing music in the studio helps my creative process, bringing energy and when combined with the painting process creates true alchemy. The challenge of painting brings its own rewards and frustration, whether a complex commission or painting freely for my gallery pieces. I paint what I love. I find it compelling and unpredictable, bringing endless possibilities within the world of abstraction.

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