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I began my career as an artist in 1987. During this time I managed to try myself in different directions and styles. For more than 25 years I worked in the style of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. Since 2016, I began to create paintings in an abstract style and abstraction carries me farther and deeper. Now I understand that abstraction is the most difficult direction in the philosophical understanding of the visual arts. Abstraction gives me the opportunity to pose and solve various problems. Now my task in the visual arts is to create opportunities to expand the boundaries of consciousness through visualization. I am convinced and I know for sure that the perception of many people is very limited by rigid frames that do not allow us to see and feel the world more multidimensionally. Moreover, many parts of this limited perception of the world appear in the minds of most people in the form of illusions, in essence being a fraud. Recently, I came to the conclusion that it is abstract art with correctly selected elements of sacred geometry that is able to exert the highest degree on the perception of the world and expand consciousness. Each of my creative work is an intention to draw attention to those dimensions of the world that are not perceived and felt by most people. Parts of the world that are considered to be invisible and not perceived may well suddenly open to everyone whose consciousness is rebuilt. My creative goal is to create works that reconfigure human consciousness and allow us to perceive the world in its fuller manifestation, with the obligatory ability to interact with previously unperceived parts of it. I am convinced that abstract conceptual art has a huge underestimated potential in the field of expansion of consciousness. With each new work, I strive to increase and strengthen the visual impact on the consciousness of the viewer, which ultimately will necessarily affect the perception of the world in its fuller expression.

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