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From an early age, he showed a great interest in painting and drawing, activities to which he devoted himself completely throughout his childhood and adolescence. His professional career focused on design has led him to show a world to which we all belong on various levels.

Factors such as geometry, color, and the handling of its forms sharpen certain moments that range from conceptual landscaping, portraiture, and figuration. The presence of the woman is predominant in his work, in what he considers to be his extreme power, almost ridiculous.

The work presented is three moments in which Jun Olman transcends themes such as landscape, femininity, and "abuse". It focuses on the juxtaposition of the imaginary in the creation of desired, dreamed, even deteriorated characters and environments. The way in which he presents the works starts from the geometric idea that he finds in each object to be made, as well as from the generation of unique and unrepeatable colors.

Jun Olman is an artist based in Mexico City. He studied Communication at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Art Design at New York University (NYU).

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