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Justin was drawn to visual art at an early age and was excited to attend several workshops and art classes during his teenage years. After achieving some early success with portrait and still life drawings in small town art shows Justin stopped exhibiting work for 20 years. During this time, he pursued a music career and played in a number of rock and country bands as well as building a management career and accumulating a family.

Returning to Visual Art Justin resumed exhibiting paintings and drawing in 2018 again achieving success at a number of shows and art prizes. With the passion reignited Justin has been broadening his skill set by tackling new genres and exploring a wider range of media and techniques.

Justin paints moments in time. The instant before something happens, or an unguarded moment. He uses colour and light to lead the viewer on a journey or to forcefully express a mental or emotional value. Justin has been influenced by a wide range of both Australian and international artists however Vincent Van Gogh has been particularly influential.

Justin’s aim for the future is to continue strengthening his technique and skill set. This will enable him to express more fully the wide and rich range of life that is on offer and to tell the stories of people and places that he encounters.

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