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Jutta Evans is a self-taught artist born in Braunschweig, Germany and currently living in Milton Keynes, UK.
Her medium is acrylic, and her work is composed of abstract nature, water and still life.
As a young woman, Jutta had the opportunity to work in Italy for almost a decade. Through this period in her life she embraced and truly engaged with the magnificent culture and art in Italy that appeared to manifest itself in all walks of life. From then on, her passion and desire to paint was ignited.
Over the years her interest in exploring all painting mediums has offered itself through water colours, oil and finally acrylics. Giving her the variety, control and texturization she seeks in her art.
Jutta gains much of her inspiration through her many worldwide travels. Most recently a week in Italy to an art retreat in Emilia-Romagna. Her art speaks of movement, freedom, modern and bold colours. She continues to experiment with different styles and products through her art, continuing to explore and grow her knowledge to create unique pieces.
Locally Jutta is a member of the Milton Keynes Society of Artists. Through this group she has exhibited locally as well as virtually. She also has sold numerous pieces through social media.

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