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Under the name of Kaimurai®, Abishek’s art is his first of many expressions being brought to life. Natural indigo and handmade are the core ingredients to Kaimurai Art. Indigo referred to as Blue gold in the ancient trading world combine with the method of hand that used to be a way of life but is precious few today. According to Abishek, Indigo has a warmth unique to its appearance, unlike blue which is typically a cold color.  Abishek’s art, although abstract has a close proximity to nature in its raw form. Almost like abstract botany. There is life in the textures he depicts. His signature ‘stroke’ is seen in most of his work and is adapted in varied forms combined with other techniques like taping and idling.


Abishek GJ creates handmade Indigo artworks, almost a meditative process which he has built for himself where he and the art he creates have a silent conversation.

Here, in the studio, Indigo is a stronghold and is treated in various different manners to bring textures which resonate nature in its truest forms.

” I am Attracted to Indigo and its elusive character. It requires complex know how and hours of manual labor to bring out the Blue pigment. It is my base material for Kaimurai. This ancient dye is one of the Cornerstones of Kaimurai.”

 The medium used is natural Indigo dye on hand-spun, hand-woven fabric or handmade paper. Corelating his love for Indigo and its’ versatile nature with an appreciation of everything handmade.


“Often when I’m painting, I sense my hands have its’ own mind. The method of hand is so deeply intrinsic to my art for its meditative and medicative nature. That point when the hands overtake the mind, I find myself often lost in the detail, discovering the whole picture only towards the end.”


“Pursuing art for me was an organic progression. Coming from a humble background, I trained and worked as a Design professional for over 15 years.” Abishek discovered art to be his equally true calling to design. A continued journey in discovering the balance between the two.

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