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Kara Baah was born and raised in London, her childhood was infused with a
multitude of cultures. Growing up in a Jamaican and Ghanaian family her
influences are often coloured by her love of her deep roots, empowered
countrymen and the black diasporic experience. Drawn to the motherland, she often draws the motherland, and paints its children.

She is a self-taught contemporary visual artist who feels at home working with
vibrant acrylics and monochrome charcoal. From young, Kara has found
portraiture fascinating and continues to express herself through it, as an effective way of communicating a snapshot of someone’s personal journey.

“I work full time as a physiotherapist and creating during Lockdown has liberated me. It’s so much more important than ever to extend my arms reach creatively.”

Kara cites Greg Breda and the Cubism influence in his work as she also enjoys painting in this style. The vivid use of colour in blocks from the Fauvism
movement also has a significant influence.

She looks forward to sharing her work with others and welcomes the opportunity to participate in shows in the future.

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