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I am a digital artist and work almost solely on the desktop or iPad using Photoshop and Procreate. I like to make art with a sense of fun and wonder. There’s always a story there but that story is open to interpretation. I’m inspired by memories of my own childhood and the nameless fears I think we all have when we are young. The combination of cute innocence and lurking darkness is one I have always found interesting creatively.


Illustrator for ‘The Boy Who Built A Wall Around Himself’ and ‘The Mermaid Who Couldn’t’.Both books aimed at helping children who suffered early childhood trauma deal with feelings of shame and neglect. Written by Ali Redford and published by JKP publishing.


ScotVec Graphics and Illustration, Telford College

BA Fine Art/Sculpture, Dundee University

MA Design for Interactive Media, Middlesex University

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