Memory Fragments_Reflect_60x60cm_$550- 2



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Having grown up in a creative home, my father being a fellow artist and poet and my mother a talented musician, I was always exposed to creativity and encouraged to engage with it. This freedom helped my love for music, writing and particularly painting blossom.

As I grew up, I ventured down many different career paths, including makeup artistry, media and spatial design. However, the one thing that remained constant and strong was my love for art, a passion I eventually realised I couldn’t (and shouldn’t) ignore. So, I decided to embrace this love, to commit to taking my painting seriously and become an artist.

All paintings are originals and each piece is unique. Being self-taught means I’m constantly learning and developing my skill, this has been an exciting and interesting journey so far, one that I hope to continue on for a long time to come.

I express in my work thoughts and feelings, dreams, unconscious thoughts. Often inspired by the mysteries of our inner and outer worlds, in recent works I have started to incorporate symbolic elements taken from mythology, astronomy, nature and storytelling.

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