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A whole inspiring environment ...


Self-taught and passionate, I got interested in all styles of art and refined my technique over the years, in order to fully devote myself to abstract art by abandoning all references to the representation of reality.

 My research in art history and culture allowed me to generally discover the Amazigh civilization and particularly the incredible Amazigh Art Carpets. Each rug is handwoven without any recourse to modern techniques.  An artwork that goes back to the paleolithic era which is the subject of my painting (The Amazigh Art Carpets Collection).

N.B: The weavings of these rugs are strictly made by the brave Amazigh women.

 I draw my inspiration from the meticulous observation of the movement of the elements that surround me, also nature and space. I express these inspirations through my imagination and my feelings in my work in shapes and colors.

Through my creations, the vision opens on the magic and the enigma, the forms, the movements, and the colors of the known and unknown universes.

 What makes the interpretation of my paintings different from one person to another, where each one reflects his soul on what he observes and makes a reading that satisfies and convinces him.

 My influences are Vassily Kandinsky, Hilma Af Klint and Robert Delaunay.

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