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“My work is the result of a spontaneous urge to capture a euphoric or profound experience, a moment when I meet the illusory clash of the infinite abyss of existence and we merge to reveal the fractal micro and macrocosm of consciousness.


I also use art as a therapy and meditative practice, to process personal challenges, allowing each piece to evolve and unfold into being.

I want to visually translate how it feels to be a woman, rediscovering the power in our cyclical nature, recognizing how it is intrinsically synced and entwined with the cyclical nature of the earth we are born from.

I believe rewilding, not just our environment but also ourselves, in a time where we are so disconnected, is crucial to progress.


I want to explore how we can refresh our experience of being human, how we can see our surroundings and each other much more intimately and truthfully when we really look in the present.

I believe slowing down and simplifying our lives amidst this modern world’s chaos is a form of protest.”

Karina is not limited to one media. Moving from her love for oils to vibrant inks and the use of natural collected materials. She likes to adapt to her environment such as the changing seasons in England.

Spanning moody to electrically bright, Karina’s paintings record life, sometimes from dreams or visions. Karina loves to weave in symbols and shapes that can become hidden faces and layers to form different views of a story.

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