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My name is Karina Westfall.

13 years ago I moved to Canada from Poland, where I was born in November 1980.

I'm self taught artist working mostly with acrylic paints, but also soft pastels, pencils, and pencil crayons. I recently started learning how to use gouache.

My journey with art started in 2017/2018 and at first, it was a way for me to support my disintegration process. I was drawing as a kid but I did not call it a passion at that time.

My artwork in acrylic pouring represents experience of the state of flow that I want to share with others. I do not give titles to my fluid art. I do not want to suggest the receiver what their experiences are supposed to be like.

Except creating art, I do love doing sports, reading books, spending time with my family, playing outside with my youngest daughter, traveling, and taking pictures.
I write poetry in my native, Polish language.
I'm very interested in psychology, especially works of Polish doctor Kazimierz Dabrowski and his theory of positive disintegration process.