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I am Katerina Ivanova, a free artist painting officially for more than 22 years. I am raised in a artistic family and I started painting professionally very young. I can say currently since I moved to the lovely city - Munich, my senses and inspiration dramatically increased.


I paint mostly with oil colours, occasionally with acrylics and resin, depending on the motive and goal of the artwork. As a preferred surface I choose the canvas, but many of my old artworks in the past were painted on wood.


Officially, I am an engineer, working in a development environment, giving my creative attitude and ideas there, dealing with the extremely modern technologies. I can say though, this is my second love, as after counting 8-9 hours of work, I come home, at my studio and I throw myself into my first love – Painting.


I pull my inspiration from the nature and the femininity, depicting them in a slightly different way, in a way I observe them and based on the emotions they awake in me. Guided and inspired by the famous Rembrandt’s saying “There’s only one master in this world – The nature” my whole view towards the life existence and the way of observing the surroundings affects my creations. Artist’s imaginations can never be stopped, can not be limited and every line painted on the surfaces is unique, full of emotions and inspiration. That is how I create, never doubtful in imperfect lines, I create from my soul.


My art experience can be split in three phases so far:

(1998-2004) I started painting at my 8th year of life, when I visited a Fine Art private school and got in touch with a professional Artists, few of them very close friends of my family, which is also a half-artistic one. I was doing a lot of portraits, where I can say I mastered them to perfection. I was using mainly soft pastels as a medium at this stage.

(2003 - 2008) Very soon and in the meantime, as my father is a carver, we decided to switch to something different. We then started working together on our orthodox icons, half craved and then painted. This is the period when I mastered the wood as a surface, using oil mediums. However, this period ended for me as I wanted to continue expressing myself in my own way, so I proceeded with my contemporary artworks.

(2010 – present) In this 3rd phase as an artist, I continuously work with oil colours as my main medium, where I can experiment and play with the shades a lot more than I enjoy the acrylics colours characteristics. I paint natural motives and figurative art. Being experienced by the nature and the women lines, I depict them in my own way, in a cheerful and warm colours, trying to bring my feelings to the observer, which is very often the case.


I did not choose however studying Art as I originally come from a country where being only an artist is hard, so today I am an engineer. For these reasons, I didn’t have a chance to have my own exhibitions so far, however, I am sure I will have my own in a near future.



Nevertheless, people are born with a talent as a gift, some of them use the talent and some not. I am working on my talent every single day in my life and being an artist is something you’re born with, being an artists is very hard as well, as I say “We artists, we have tons of ideas, feelings, motivations and inspirations for our brain to sort them out and our body to deal with them. This has to be reflected in the best way on a blank piece of surface and that’s hard”. I love presenting every moment on my canvases, I love people to feel what I felt when creating the art piece.

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