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Deep is a mixed media artist and photographer whose creation of image-making includes merging alternative photographic processes, mixed media, raw materials, and hybrid workflows. Her imagery derives from her walks in the wetlands and surrounding landscape. Samples of Deeps ongoing creative writing prose "To Slow the Sinking" have been included in various web and book publications and can be seen handwritten in some of her works. She currently resides in North Carolina, USA.


CV: MFA: University of Connecticut

       BFA: Historical Image-Making Processes/Photography and Art History- Cazenovia College

       AAS: Photographic Technologies- HCCC


2020 Kirkland Art Center, Clinton NY UPCOMING

2019 Golden Hour: The Centerpiece, Raleigh NC

2019 Still: The Centerpiece, Raleigh NC

2018 Fraction Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2017 Wetlands, Holt Russell Gallery, Baldwin City, KS

2017 Where I Wander (Solo Exhibition) Pegasus Gallery, Middletown, CT

2017 Where I Wander (Solo Exhibition) Niche Gallery, Middletown, CT

2020 Pause, Bev's Fine Art


-Wild Roof Journal, Issue 1- 2020

The Hand Magazine, Issue 21- 2018

-Phoenix NYC- June 2018

-Adirondack Review, Spring 2017

- Aji Magazine, Fall 2016

-Gambling the Aisle, Spring 2016

- The Quiet Corner, Spring 2015

-Nine Mile Magazine, Spring 2014

-Landscape: Looking at Photography Exhibition catalog; Blackbox Gallery, Mar. 2014

-"To Slow the Sinking.", Feb. 2014.

-Plum, Sydney Landon, and Susan Leigh Tomlinson, n.d. “Teaching a Tree: a Workbook for Writing Nature.”

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