Through her colorful paintings and whimsical line drawings, Kata (Kathleen Hanley)
contrasts her clear perception and positive outlook on life with the complex and muddled world we live in. Balance, beauty, and movement are the primary elements that stand out in her work, and you are encouraged to free your emotions and imagination in order to joyfully experience her provocative reality.

Self-taught and always learning, Kathleen continues to experiment with different
styles rather than limit herself to a single movement or school. However, she does
express a special fondness for cubism and neo-expressionism. For her, art should be
free of labels and categorizations so that it can honestly mirror one’s inner truth and
beauty. She says, “we are born to explore, discover, think, feel and grow. We are
constantly engaged in these processes and our inner world changes as a result. Art
should allow us to freely communicate these inner realities… labels limit us”.

Kathleen’s art universe consists of both drawings and paintings. In her drawings, striking black lines and gentle curves stand out against their background to reflect the basic elements of human existence. In contrast, Kathleen’s acrylic paintings on canvas
explode with color, unintentionally exposing her part-Latin heritage and inclination towards bright lights.

Professionally, a communicator and industrial designer, Kathleen has opted for art as
the form of expression she wishes to use to produce a positive impact in the world
around her. As a final note, Kathleen is also working on a book of upbuilding thoughts
that will be illustrated with her drawings.

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