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Kathrin Flöge was born 1967 in Bremen, Germany.
Since her early childhood she flooded her parents and later teachers with artworks of
varying quality...

After studying fineart and French at the University of Bremen (master degree), she devoted herself intensively to her profession as a teacher and to classical piano playing. She helped a young pianist build his career. No more time for painting...
She only started painting again in 2020: During the Corona crisis she collected photos of favorite places of friends to paint them and give them as a present.
She is currently based in Hamburg, Germany.
She loves her husband, her family and friends, her cats, nature and all people who are also committed to others.

9/20 - 12/20 Equipment of a medical practice with“Jungle Paintings”, Hambburg
9/20 – 1/ 21 Medical practice, Norderstedt: “German landscapes”
10/20 – 2/22 Party office of the SPD Hamburg Langenhorn “landscapes”

Upcoming exhibitions:
3/21 Art gallery Shop Hamburg
7/21-9/21 Hotel in Calvi at the French island of Corsica
9/22 Major solo exhibition at the Hamburg Niendorf cultural centre

(Why) I paint
out of gratitude to life,
for the joy of many visible things,
out of love for nature and animals,
for the fun of experiencing ever new colour games and compositions,
in expectation of ever new surprises,
in remembrance of Paul Cézanne, when reality appears to me as an unlimited number of visual data that arrange themselves in my head to form something that is held in place by the rectangular picture borders
and to give other people something that is important to myself.
Kathrin Flöge

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