Katie is a largely self-taught American artist, born & raised in the Pacific-Northwest, based in Cologne, Germany. Having studied anthropology, lived & studied internationally & spent several years training as a professional athlete, her breadth of interests & life experience informs her artistry at a very deep level.

Katie enjoys stretching her creative muscles, dabbling in many mediums & art forms, although she primarily paints with oil & acrylic on mixed media paper, wood, or canvas. Her work mirrors her deep passion for the world we inhabit: the outdoors, culture, the complexities of human nature & human connection. This same passion for authentic cultural immersion is what’s led her to become fluent in Spanish & conversational in German (aktuell im Studium). Her art often comes from a place of sporadic inspiration; an overwhelming urge to pick up the pigment, brush, pencil, pen, paper, or notebook, & create. Her artistry is a constant tension between meticulous control & pure chaos.

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