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Born in Glasgow, 1992, I grew up consistently making sculptures and drawings as a means of raw expression. As a young child I understood the language of shape and colour. An earlier abstract canvas painting is signed by myself aged 11, by then I knew how to decipher conceptual idea’s and use form to express myself. I continued to develop my artistic practice throughout my life, travelling many countries absorbing culture for inspiration. In 2017 I graduated Glasgow School of Art at age 25, having produced large-scale installation and sculptural work on themes of mental wellbeing. Throughout my travels I am drawn to landscape photography and capturing human emotions. These photographs are unseen but hold underlying influences in my work. Since graduating, I have led and coordinated hundreds of community projects for leading art charities across Scotland. I host workshops teaching children, young people and elderly, the fundamental importance of self-expression. In 2019 I moved to Barcelona to study and gain a deeper understanding of Art Therapy at the Metàfora Arts Institute. This study enabled me to fully appreciate and understand the primitive and habitual styles I have applied to art throughout my life. Since officially starting my own business in 2020, I have sold my work in the UK, Europe and Internationally. Each artwork you see, is the result of an intimate process in which I am at one with the materials. Each colour placed, mark applied and movement carried out expresses feelings and emotions which have no verbal explanation. 

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