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With a craving for adventure, Keara spent a much of her youth exploring numerous career paths, whilst jumping from country-to-country. From growing up in Cornwall, to living in the heart of sleazy Soho, mingling in the secret clubs of Malta, to living the simple life from a caravan in SW France. It’s this thirst for adventure, fresh perspectives, and never-ending curiosity for life, that's captured through her surreal artworks.

Nurturing a lifelong obsession with art along the way has in more recent years led her to become an artist and freelance designer. Now based in Portugal, Keara draws inspiration from her travels & different cultures, surrealism, the wonders of the universe, the mystical and the magical. Keara’s art intends to spark your imagination by providing a moment of escapism and nostalgia. Helping to remind you of your own sense of adventure, and maybe even inspiring you to act upon it.

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