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As a self-taught artist from Canada, I began painting when my children were young.  My family and beautiful surroundings are my sources of inspiration. I will find it in the way a piece of hair falls across a shoulder, an emotion revealed in the eyes of someone close to me,  the colour and shape of a flower in my garden or simply in a picture I’ve seen that speaks to me.  Oftentimes, I will use my own photographs of this beautiful scenery as inspiration.

  I paint each piece following my intuition, allowing my passion to flow and be expressed, the end result unknown until the last brush stroke.

Initially painting with acrylics, I ventured into the world of watercolours when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, and found another passion, often finding myself getting lost in the process of watching the colours spill onto the paper, intermingle, and evolve into something new.    As lockdown continued, I felt the need to create more joy and fun through the paintings to counter the fear and uncertainty caused by such times.

 I enjoy sharing my passion for art, and I have had the honour of fulfilling several commissions for both my Canadian landscape paintings, as well as my watercolours.

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