Kevin Drake is an American abstract painter, akin to that of the founding American abstract expressionist movement. Born in Washington state in 1970, he began drawing at an early age leading him through various art courses through Junior
High,High-School and through College where he found his voice, and started creating his abstract form.

Kevins Artistic style ranged from early figurative works, mainly based in charcoal, pencil or crayon to expressionistic landscapes done in pen and ink. Landscapes have been a harbor, and safe haven of Kevins works even to this day. Bold and thick plastered expressive layers of color fill the viewers imagination, giving the participant an expressive encyclopedia of movement and depth to explore. True Statements and uniqueness are what set his works apart from others.

Kevins works can be found in private collections from Washington, Oregon, and California, to NY. 

His works are often influenced by Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Matisse, Jean-Michel Atlan, and Helen Frankenthaler, just to name a few.

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