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Khushkirat kaur was born on 09/11/2000 in India. She graduated from high school as a medical student with 92%. After that khushkirat moved to Canada and started studying Health-Science. Khushkirat’s work is mostly focused on flowers. Her mission is to capture the natural beauty of flora in a piece of paper. She has been painting from the past 9 years. Khushkirat mostly works with acrylic paints on any medium but have also tried water colours. Initially, khushkirat never thought of painting flowers instead she used to paint landscapes, mostly sunsets. As time passed khushkirat found herself drawn towards flowers. “The colours, softness, nectar and the fragrance of the flowers depicts the inner beauty of the nature and I always finds them mesmerising and peaceful”, she says. From the very beginning of her teenage khushkirat was interested in painting. She used to paint on small A4 size sheets. At that time she never thought of painting on a big canvas. Her mother, who also used to paint on fabrics like cotton and silk, encouraged her to paint some bigger paintings.

Khushkirat finds nature extremely beautiful: the varied colours, shapes and textures of the flowers have always fascinated her. Also paintings helped her to know about the diversified and rare kinds of flowers. Khushkirat’s art expresses the contemporary form of nature. She wants people to feel the beauty and variety of the nature on the white walls of their homes.

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