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Kieran is a contemporary artist from Ireland, whose emotive pieces are representative of his unique style, values and experiences. 
Kieran spent a portion of his twenties searching for fulfilment externally, and when it wasn’t to be found, he resorted to mind-altering chemical substances as a means of escape. But he always found meaning and fulfilment in artistic expression, be it through music or stand-up comedy, or through his exploits on canvas. He now believes there is no high comparable to that of satisfying your artistic curiosities. 

The blank canvas allows Kieran to confront feelings of fear and inadequacy, but also immense excitement and wonderment of what might be; unearthed from the subconscious, his creations are raw and spontaneous. 
His unique style rapidly garnered attention online, and he has gained a great deal of traction during the COVID-19 lockdown. His work has been purchased and shipped globally, and hangs on the walls of recording artists, writers and fellow creators from all walks of life.

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