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Kikki is a Norwegian based abstract artist. She comes from a background as a graphic designer, graduated from Goldsmiths College, London, 1995 and have been focusing on painting for the past three years. She exhibited her work for the first time after having painted for less than a year. She is represented in one of the biggest art galleries in Norway, doing commision work for clients in Europe, through her Instagram account.


30 years of work experience as a graphic designer allowed her to start her painting career with a toolbox full of skills such as composition, colour theory, value, contrast. This made the transition from design to creating art a natural one. 


Kikki has since childhood trained her creative capasity and explored many fields such as drawing, watercolour, oil, pastels and acrylics.


Her paintings all convey a message of hope. As a creative she is highly influenced by her surroundings, her brain constantly saving impressions from everyday life. these impressions are prosessed and becomes a part of her pieces. 


Nature, relations in any form, how we connect, philosophical questions and the emotional responses to the above, are all elements finding their way into her work.

Inner space and dialogues leave her with endless inspiration and a desire to create. Exploration is in her core,  always seeking to move forward and developing her own visual language. The approach is always intuitive, rarely preplanned and ensures authenticity and soulfullness within the paintings.


With her work, she is hoping to appeal to that inner space where no words are needed, giving the viewer a sense of being connected, acknowledged, belonging and most of all - hope.

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