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Kirsi Salo is a mainly self-taught Mixed Media Artist residing in Rural West Coast of Ireland.

Her work is inspired by Old Photographs, Stories Untold and Moments in Time. Visually she draws influences from Black and White portraits, Street and Graffiti Art, Scandinavian Aesthetics and Graphic Design. She mainly works with Acrylics but often utilizes mixed media techniques including Inks, Spray Paint, Pastels and Markers.
Kirsi has been involved with Art since Childhood and has exhibited in Private and Co-Exhibitions earlier in life, but returned to painting few years ago after successful career in Management. She attended to Art High School and did painting diploma classes younger but has mostly been learning by testing and looking for inspiration in everything around her.


I am mesmerized of people, feelings, short moments and how to portray them. How to tell a full story in one image. Utilizing different materials and textures allows me to describe frictions and create atmospheres with interesting undertones. As an artist, images to me are a pathway to all questions real, and to my own deeper self. I naturally tend to navigate towards hard contrasts, and absolutely love Titanium White and Mars Black with more Neutral Pastels and screaming loud Neon Colours. I do not aim to give the viewer answers. I want them to interpret the paintings from where they are.

I might get inspired by a Christmas decoration in interior magazine or graphic design in Milk cartons, but I also follow a lot of art daily and do my best to find new interesting artists and explore old masters and their techniques. I have always been inspired by Marlene Dumas and Louise Bourgeois who have been fearless Female Pioneers of Contemporary Arts. To mention few newer artists, I am intrigued by the magical worlds Dominique Fortin creates and fell in love lately of Nadia Jabers Still-life and how she mixes different patterns. I also enjoy Ashely Cunningham, who always brings a smile to my face, Eric Stefanski whose works are just so bang on and Silja Selonen who creates incredible atmospheres in limited colour scale.

I enjoy art that is surprising and new and strive to create such art myself.

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