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Brush in hand since a child, Lancashire artist born and bred, Kirsten had a passion for drawing and painting inspired by her uncle, an artist, and illustrator himself, and would often watch him work in his studio painting her own pictures alongside him being inspired by what she saw. Her uncle became her mentor and inspiration to follow her passion into a career.


Kirsten studied art at art college and gained a degree in graphic design pursuing a career in design for 25 years, whilst continuing to paint.

Painting is her passion and her purpose and she is now concentrating fully on painting professionally, leaving the world of graphic design on the back burner.


Specializing in portraits and abstracts with an expressionistic style, Kirsten works mainly in acrylics and tries to capture, vibrancy, energy, strength, balance, and beauty within her work.

Her latest series of portraits “Rise of the Divine Feminine” highlights the rise of the Divine

Feminine energy within us all (male and female) at this time of great change, aiming to bring balance to our inner world and thus by extension our outer world and the planet. Her work celebrates strong women, giving women a much-needed voice, finding strength within showing the endurance of a life of hardships, finding balance, seeing the beauty within all of us, and all living things and cultural diversity.


From the beginning when you view Kirsten’s work the strength and energy of vibrant color only

augment the expression of vulnerability. These beautiful studies of women whose strength is

suddenly put away in a vulnerable moment reveal what is not said…. but there for all to see.


Kirsten herself strives to speak her authentic truth, find her voice and be heard through her work,

her own strength and vulnerability are seen within the paintings as working intuitively, she puts her whole being and channeled energy into each piece, thus hopefully giving the recipient the energy or some aspect of healing they may need allbeit on a subconscious level.