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In the 1990s, I professionalized my passion for color and design with vocational training as a visual marketing designer, A-levels in design and two semesters of art therapy. At the beginning of 2004 I successfully completed my studies as a diploma social worker/social pedagogue. In 2007 I started my freelance career as an artist & graphic designer.

For over 20 years I have been painting with acrylics, as they are very much in line with my joy of experimentation and abstract expression. On canvas I prefer to work with mixed techniques of pigments, colors, putty and structure paste, gel, sand, paper, gold leaf, and so on. My works are sometimes created by chance, sometimes out of pure pleasure and joy in experimentation. They are often inspired and express deep thoughts about God and the world. With my art I want to bring beauty, light, hope, joy, inspiration, and a positive atmosphere into your home and surroundings.




2019 | Surgery Dr. Herrmann/IMZE Esslingen

2018 | Art Forum Mosbach (common)​

2016 | Galleria Zeus | Esslingen​

2015 | Schönblick Forum | Schwäbisch Gmünd​

2014 | State Garden Show | Schwäbisch Gmünd

2014 | Willingen/Upl. (common)​

2013 | Schönblick | Schwäbisch Gmünd​

2012 | Schönblick Gästezentrum | Schwäbisch Gmünd​

2010 | Surgery Dr. Costea | Esslingen​

2009 | Hofgut Mauren (common) 

2009 | DasPlus | Esslingen​

2008 | Praxis Auer | Ostfildern​

2007 | Galleria Zeus | Esslingen

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