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Kristine Gargaritano (“KLEG”) is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Canada, as well as in Dublin, Ireland. As a medical student and as a painter, she is passionate about continuously honing her craft and exploring different artistic styles. Her paintings are inspired by her travels around the world and she aims to encapsulate the feeling of those moments in her artwork. From the evergreen trees and quiet lakes in Canada's cottage country, the cliff-sides of Italy's Amalfi coast, the never-ending emerald Irish hills, the lush greenery of Honolulu, to the fiery sunset of Boracay, Philippines, she hopes that her artwork brings you to another place.


Her process of creating art has always been centered around the experience of playing with colour and light. She is interested in the way that cerulean blue and ultramarine blue shine when paired together, the brightness of lemon yellow, the warmth and depth of burnt umber, and the strength of pthalo green. She appreciates the way that colours peek through gaps in the overlying layers, adding another dimension to the relationships between existing colours within a given painting. For her, art is about exploration. Exploration of colour, exploration of the world, and of course, exploration of the viewer's eye within the world created on the canvas.

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