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Born in Belarus 1989, a self-taught painter fell from a long line of artistic family trees. Both sides of my family trees include professional artists. I never had the courage to pursue my artistic line, until now.


Born in Belarus in 1989, I’m a self-taught painter motivated by a long line of very talented artists within my family. I always admired and learnt from afar as I never had the courage to pursue my own artistic line, until now.


The love and appreciation for art is mainly motivated and inspired by my Mum, whom of which I have many memories watching her paint. The joy and freedom she expressed whilst painting is something I always admired and now something I feel as I tell my story through my art.


My everyday involves solving complicated technical challenges, which demands complete concentration. This is where painting comes in as spending time using my hands and just letting go gives me the balance required. Painting takes me into a different world, my world.


My art has many angles as I like to capture moments of my life through abstract expressionism. I hope you enjoy my art as much I as enjoy the journey each piece takes me on.

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