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My artworks are vibrant impressionistic abstracts, they are energetic and full of vitality, it contains elements from experiences and places, emotions and thoughts, memories and dreams giving my work unity and character. I live on the West Coast of Norway close to fjords and mountains, on the edge of the North Sea. The elements and these old landscapes surrounding me are a source of inspiration with its ever-changing color moods, reminding me of the passing of time, the ungraspable past, undetermined present, and unpredictable future. I explore the particularities and inherent power of the colors and the dynamics of the dialogues, movements, and flow, how they appear in gestures, shapes, and lines. Soft pastels open up to a more intuitive method of working and by using my hands as tools it facilitates a direct and immediate approach that suits me well. Pastels open for both opacity and transparency and give fluidity and ethereal quality to my work that’s hard to come by in other mediums.

 Award of Excellence from the exhibition Illusion of reality curated by Trevisan International Art by Paola Trevisan. The exhibition is currently on display at the Galleria De Marchi in Bologna, Italy. 

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