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Once in a lifetime, an artist redefines their genre.


Kristy Robertson has created one.


Staggering beauty is brought to life through the repeated, attempted murders of her childhood. 

Feel free to name her genre. Try to categorize her if you can, because, like the sins committed against her as a little girl, her artwork leaves you feeling something best described as unspeakable. 

When her PTSD hijacks her nervous system, instead of trying to subdue or lessen its devastation, she leaves her heart and brain open to the invasion and transcribes the experience onto canvas. 

Before she sets paintbrush to canvas, Kristy is forced to move the stone from her childhood tomb. An exceptionally profound experience comes to life for us from the abuses of her past. The process is exhausting, depleting, and terrifying and somehow she is able to tap into that process again and again so that we may experience powerful, truthful, and transformative works of art. 

There is beautiful redemption between colors. There are so many victories beneath their chasms and behind each locked door. It's difficult to look away from these paintings. Kristy doesn't have the luxury of looking away. The colors in the chasms are a part of who she is. 

The warmth and love felt when we see her work is a gift of her compassion. The actuality of her experience would cripple us so the message that she is grateful and finally able to feel love is dappled through the struggles being reported. 

Experience the colors of her feelings. Discover the savagery of sin. Celebrate the victory of Kristy Robertson saving her own life more often than we appreciate ours.

    © 2020 by Hansford and Sons Fine Art Ltd.