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As long as I can remember, painting has accompanied my life. At the age of ten, I got my easel and soon I started experimenting with acrylics and several mixed media techniques.

At first only my family and close friends got to enjoy my art. In 2018 I started working as a freelance artist and joined several groups and solo exhibitions in the last years. Since then I sell my paintings, work on bespoke commissions, and share my creativity in my art workshops.

My art is expressive, intuitive, and experimental. I like working with different styles and media. Facing the versatile challenges from acrylics to mixed media and collages to experimental styles is what I love about visual arts. My paintings are colorful, loud, energetic, and beautifully unique.

With my art, I want to brighten up the beholder's day by discovering and making their inner child smile. Intuitive, emotional, and energetic paintings are my main emphases.

Trusting my intuition and the painting process are the most important things with my art. Painting gives me the opportunity to direct and express supposed chaos. It’s my way to show what seems hidden and unspeakable.



2018 Fireworks of Colors, ARTraum Mosimo Galerie, Rees

Several solo exhibitions at local cafés and practices

2019 Several solo exhibitions at cafés and practices

Kunstwege Lingen

4 Tage Galerie, Oldenburg

2020 Several local solo exhibitions

Artbox Projects Barcelona

Artbox Projects Zürich

 Stadtmuseum Hadamar, Group exhibition

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