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Natalia was born in the Gorno-Altaisk of the Altai Republic. It’s a small town in the Siberia of the Russian Federation. She started drawing and playing music from early childhood. Despite her interest in art, Natalia decided to become a doctor. For a long time, she worked as a therapist. However, in 2005 Natalia graduated from Studio for adults at the art school.

Natalia is a landscape artist and animalist. It should be noted that the artist does not limit herself to any one style or genre. Among her artworks are many abstract paintings in which Natalia invites the viewer into her world of dreams and fantasies.

2017 - participation in the all-Russian exhibition "Gorny Altai. Fantastic reality", Novosibirsk, winner in the category "Master of realism".

2017 - participation in the exhibition and sale, City Hotel, Novosibirsk

2019 - participation in the first Siberian design and contemporary art Biennale, Novosibirsk

2020 – participation in the exhibition of artists at the international forum “Designers and architects”, Novosibirsk

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