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Daphne Ang @ Lady Lazarus is a self-taught artist and art historian. Born in Singapore and based in London, Daphne’s artistic practice is a culmination of a lifelong devotion to the study and scholarship of visual art.

Prior to becoming an artist, Daphne has extensive experience of the commercial and academic art world through her contributions to the study and scholarship of Southeast Asian art, both from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Daphne first worked as a curator and art writer in Singapore before moving to London In 2010. She completed a PhD in the History of Art and Archaeology at SOAS, University of London, where she also taught and lectured undergraduate and postgraduate courses for many years. As an independent researcher, Daphne has worked with museums and universities for the development of exhibitions and publications. She has also undertaken a range of public speaking commitments including public talks in museums in Singapore and has guest lectured at various institutions including Sotheby’s Institute, SOAS, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Daphne began her artistic activity with studies into sacred geometry and the human anatomy. After a period of figurative drawing, Daphne turned to painting the abstract. Picking up the paintbrush has enabled her to work towards the creation of the ‘perfect vision' through abstract painting. She works with acrylics, inks, oil pastels and powdered pigments, experimenting with a range of mediums.

Daphne’s art uses the language of abstract forms and colour to express and give meaning to the human psyche and its intangible elements of mood and emotion. The central theme in her art focuses on using the act of painting to perform and convey the full spectrum of love, life and human emotion.

Inspired by Jungian analytical psychology and concepts of the individual and collective unconscious, her paintings act as a conduit for bringing the contents of the unconscious mind into consciousness and as they provide a medium which allows for the transmission, articulation and interpretation of the images that arise from the dialogue between consciousness and the unconscious.

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