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Pernambuco based artist and social scientist. It’s in authorial photography that I find my creative freedom. Seeking for different universes in what already exists and it’s mundane, I believe that there are many ways to see. I enjoy the many possibilities of creation, playing with colors, and looking for new narratives. Following a minimalist style, I usually focus on a single main element, using a black or white background, with no other elements that can take away the attention in the compositions. It is an attempt to direct the eye (of the beholder) to what really matters.

In 2018 and 2019, I had works exhibited at the CASACOR PE, RioMar Casa, and Casa Decor Show, all architecture shows. Also, I have participated in the group exhibitions 'Outras Leituras' that took place at Sebo Casa Azul, Centro Cultural Correios, and UNICAP, and

'Mistério do Planeta', held at Galeria Arte Plural.

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