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My name is Lara Sabrina Yilmaz and I am a daughter of a half-French half-Italian mum and Turkish father. I was born in a family that is extremely interested in arts, which fired up the enthusiasm inside me to discover the artist inside me. Our family is part of the Levantine community in Turkey and Levantines are known for their interest and taste in arts. I first met with painting when I saw my mother drawing tremendous flowers on the canvas. I was very young then but I was still amazed by the harmony of the colors. Next thing I knew I was given my own painting set by my grandfather as he was fascinated by the idea that I wanted to draw like my mum. This simple hobby of mine soon turned into something bigger and became my passion. However, I had to give up my passion when I started high school as it became very difficult to keep up with the schoolwork and draw in my spare time. It was a hard decision to make for me as the painting was not only a hobby it was the way of expressing my feelings for me.

Recently, I have lost my grandfather and those were devastating times for me as he was everything to me. My feelings for him were impossible to express by using words and I wanted the world to know how much I loved him. So, I decided to take my paintbrush in my hands and began expressing my feelings again with the help of the strokes of my brush. My grandfather was the one who encouraged me to use the paintbrush to express my feeling so what could be a better way to tell the world about my feelings for his loss.

I am very keen on abstract painting as I see as the best way for the artist to pass on his or her feelings to the audience. Abstract painting has a feeling itself and it is open to the interpretation of the viewers. I believe abstract painting allows the artists to establish a stronger bond with the people and it certainly helps me strengthens my personality. In my pictures, I usually focus on the weaknesses and strengths of feelings and effects the death of a loved one can leave on a person. I am influenced by artists who are great examples of abstract expressionists such as Jason Pollock, Joan Mitchell, and William de Kooning. I prefer to use acrylic paint, spray, pencil and oil paint for my pictures. I aim to create art pieces that help people to find a piece from them in them as I try to place a piece from me to every picture I create.

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