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Heavily inspired by Graffiti, but also by Hip-Hop imagery, Lassana is known for his
talent as a photorealistic artist. It was at a young age that he cultivated an attraction
for the futuristic and devastated imagery of Japanese manga and series. Lassana has
always oscillated between the city and nature, two distinct and contrasting universes
that never left him and when he began to study the History of Art, it was mainly
towards impressionist and naturalist painters that he was drawn. while referring to
the reality of the industrial and technological maze.
By taking the photo as a landmark, his works come closer to photographic reality,
while moving away from it and challenging it. It is both a desire for contradiction and
opposition between the technological form and human strength, reality and fiction.
Lassana sees in the phenomenon of raw Graffiti, a theme that is at the same time rich,
wild, and founding but also a means of making its mark.
What he especially likes is mixing techniques: watercolor, acrylic paint, pencils, ink,
markers, and everything that comes his way ... It is also leaving room for the random,
the small errors and imperfections of the moment and the instinctive process which
brings more personality and which he considers «re-creative».

Exhibition of drawings and paintings at «Le Jobart», Paris (Saint Germain-des-Prés).
Exhibition «Vendredi 13 exquis», with 2 artists, Galerie «ici», Le Havre.
Collective Exhibition «Street Symphony» with urban artist from Paris.
Collective Exhibition «La Friche Danton», Mural painting, Le Havre.
Personal Exhibition «Romantisme Sauvage», show of my best drawings, paintings
touching the urban art and my ecclectic work.

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