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Paris based Laura Horrocks is a young Australian artist who seeks to explore
interconnections and exchanges of the natural world through colourist works using mark making, repetition and colour play.

Horrocks studied Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art and Science at the University of Queensland. In 2014 her work was included in an Installation for the Harvest Exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia. Previous exhibitions also include Lethbridge Gallery and Innerspace Contemporary Art in Brisbane; with Early Work and La Bellevilloise in Paris and Greenpoint Gallery in New York. Horrocks employs artistic processes from surrealist automatism, abstract expressionism and modern art. Working in watercolour, oils and acrylic her art is influenced by the female artists Agnes Martin, Sonia Delaunay, Sophie
Taeuber-Arp and Hilma Af Klint.

“I try to create visual tension using organic shapes and colour compositions. They denote the state of things in nature that are set and the continuous flow of everything around them. A state of flux and a forced balance of shapes and colour that could fall apart at any moment. This balance is constructed but not rigid. I often work with a palette of bleached lighter pastels overlaying deeper hues to evoke a sense of fragility and a delicate balance of duality to reflect upon.”

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