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Art is my one true love and passion. My artist strongly connected to myself, my emotions, my thoughts, conflicts, and dreams. It shows a part of my heart and soul – my vulnerability, my humanity, my sensitivity. My intention is to evoke an almost transcendental emotional feeling of connectivity when looking at my paintings. I want people to feel related to my art and also elicit a deeper connection to themselves. The purpose is not only to show a part of my deeper self but also to create empathy. Art is beauty and at the same time healing and hope and a uniquely pointed expression of the mental world. Special about my art is that I don’t have one particular art style, but I am quite versatile using different materials, forms, and allowing myself to be inspired by several artistic movements. 


If someone buys one of my paintings I would like to add a short text explaining the background of my work so that the buyer has the possibility of understanding my artwork better. This short text will also be signed by me.

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