6. Dali Ancient City Gateway, Yunnan Chi



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I was born in Malacca, a city that filled with strong cultural ethnics and rich in historical context. Its illustrious history shaped my interest, understanding and deep appreciation towards the remnants of her glorious past which was left over by the historical buildings. However, living in Malacca has made me realized that there is nothing in this world that will last forever. The effects of urbanization and inadequate awareness of heritage values threaten the tangible and intangible heritage sites which held many great memories of the local community. Due to the conservation done differently through the years, many historical landmarks have not been properly conserved or even lost their originality. Hence, the quintessence of the building designs and styles had faded slowly over the years.

I'm an architectural designer but also a freelance urban sketcher artist who seeks for a path that engrossed into recording and capturing the original essence of the architecture from the historical buildings. In fact, I love to spend time thinking and appreciating the stories and sacrifices which lied within the building that I observe. As for me, architecture is not merely building but encompasses the interactions and combination of various spaces, symbolisms, functions as well as lifestyle. This is the path that I constantly searching for and improving in order to contribute and rekindle the lost memories that belong solely to the buildings that I draw.  

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